WHSBC District 1 Welcomes You

About Our District

Welcome to District 1. At this time we have 23 Varsity Boys, 11 Varsity Girls and 15 JV teams serving Milwaukee, Waukesha and southern Washington counties. Our regular season starts the first Saturday in December and runs thru the end of January. Our matches are held on Thursdays and Saturdays. The month of February is tournament time, starting with our JV tournament, Conference tournament, single sectionals and ending with our Scholarship tournament.

More info can be obtained by contacting Don Rask by phone at 414-587-9110 or by e-mail drask1@wi.rr.com. Or you can contact one of our officers listed below.

District 1 Logo: http://www.wihsbowlclub.com/docs/WHSBC District 1 Logo.eps

District Officers

Position Name E-Mail
PresidentWally Wright - Menomonee Fallsgatorandcookie@gmail.com
Vice President: BoysJoe Sonnemann - Germantowndonkeyslayer@sbcglobal.net
Seargant of Arms: BoysScott Huenink - Hartlandscotthuenink@gmail.com
Vice President: GirlsCraig Wroblewski - Oak Creekcraigkathyw1@wi.rr.com
Seargant of Arms: GirlsRalph Hibbard - Mukwonagorhibbard@orkin.com
Vice President: JVDawn Smith - Sussex84dmsmith@gmail.com
Seargant of Arms: JVGina Hurstghurst@wi.rr.com
Executive DirectorDon Rask - Oak Creekdrask1@wi.rr.com
Secretary/TreasurerLynn Tyree-Cook - Waukesha Southltyreecook@yahoo.com
CommissionerDon Rask - Oak Creekdrask1@wi.rr.com

District Statisticians

Position Name E-Mail
PublicistCraig Wroblewski - Oak Creekcraigkathyw1@wi.rr.com
Tournament CoordinatorBrian Gillessen - West Allis Halecoach_gilly@yahoo.com
Website CoordinatorDawn Smith - Sussex84dmsmith@gmail.com